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Pics Checkout - Data Association Made Easy

Overview of The Pics Checkout App

There is a simple registration process to use the Pics Checkout App.

If you need to effectively record multiple images and link them to a database of people, products, artefacts or stock, Pics Checkout is the App. for you. We can work with your photographer to speed up the process of taking, matching and recording your images, improving business efficiency and accuracy. Alternatively we can even supply you with an accredited photographer familiar with the Pics Checkout App to help plan and create a photo field for your database.


Key Markets for The Pics Checkout App:
•    Schools
•    Universities
•    Hotels
•    Cruise Ships
•    Hospitals
•    Auctions
•    Car Sales
•    Catalogues
•    Forensics
•    Events
•    ID / Security Passes
•    Removals and Inventory
•    Warehouse Stock Control
•    Museum & Artist Loan Stocks
•    Youth Hostels
•    Police Stolen Goods Recovery
•    Prisons & Detention Centres
•    Removals and Inventory
•    Sports teams

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