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What We Do

What We Do

This page uses a hypothetical example to clearly illustrate what we do.

The Dog Show

Imagine you run a local dog show. Ten people enter their dogs into your competition and you take down all of their details on an entry form - Name of dog, breed, age, colour, name of owner, address, phone number, etc... You collate all of these details into spreadsheet on your computer so that the judges can have a single printout containing all of the competitors for voting purposes. By adding a photograph of each dog to the spreadsheet each judge can be absolutely certain that they are judging the correct dog. To do this you would take a photo of Fido, and rename the camera file name which might be img_1234.jpg to Fido_1234.jpg.  You do the same for Rover and each of the other 8 dogs and you add the photos into your spreadsheet.

The judging is over and the local newspaper wants a photograph of Fido, who is the winner, together with details of Fido’s owner so that they can run an article about the dog show in the next edition. Easy! You have the photo called Fido_1234.jpg and all the details from the spreadsheet to send them.

The Concept Spreadsheet

Imagine that you enjoyed running the local dog show so much,  that you decided to stage a county dog show. One thousand dogs are entered. How are you going to photograph all of these dogs and get the images to marry up with the correct entry on your spreadsheet? Now think of a national show where 28,000 dogs might be entered into competition. Help! What are you going to do with this huge number of entrants?

In the registration documents for each dog, you would include their unique reference code having previously uploaded your database to The Pics Checkout App. All that is required is to photograph the code, photograph the dog and upload the photographs to your computer. By passing the images through our software, the photos will be renamed and thumbnails versions uploaded automatically to our website where they will sit next to the correct entry on your database. Even if you didn’t want to photograph all 28,000 dogs, but only the category winners for press purposes, just think how much easier your life would be! Our system will even send out e-mail notifications automatically for you.

The Pics Checkout App is all about matching the correct photo to the correct record in your database, and much, much more.  Register to use The Pics Checkout App today


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