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Case Study - School Photography for Sims

Case Study - School Photography for Sims

SIMS from Capita is the UK market-leading management information system for the education sector, currently supporting in excess of 21,000 schools, academies and colleges. SIMS helps to drive efficiency and effectiveness to it's users by delivering information on a pupil by pupil basis. It works best when combined with images of students, so that a supply teacher for instance, can readily identify children in the class.

The Pics Checkout App allows the production of images in the correct format for batch upload to SIMS making the system an ideal service for schools and school photographers. All students images can be renamed with the pupil’s school admission number with 100% accuracy and be uploaded to SIMS without  any errors. We can even source the batch upload licence too which means that all the images are uploaded automatically.

Whilst the Pics Checkout App works perfectly with Sims, it also works with ISAMS, CMIS, HEADRON, PASS, INTEGRIS and many other school software solutions.

If you work in a school and want to ensure that your school photographer supplies you with images for SIMS or any other management information system, why not call us today on 020 8441 4322


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