Where’s the money in shooting school portraits?

Most schools want the photographer straight in and straight out again – with minimal disruption.  They don’t want admin or distribution hassle – just good, fast images for their data records.  They like products to suit their school and community, high commission rates, and satisfied parents.

The parents want a user-friendly, simple way to see, select, buy and receive the photos of their children.  They want value-for-money, quality products, and a fast reliable service.

Taking hundreds of great portraits is one thing, but the means to efficiently and accurately match each image or series to relevant data quickly is another.  This is the critical point: Your workflow.  Should you hand the job over to someone at the expense of profitability?

The key is that margins increase by streamlining your processes.  Keep your costs low, create additional sales avenues, advertise products, and organise your store.  This will help increase your profitability, eliminate unproductive time at the screen and allow you to focus on what you’re good at – photography.

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