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Pics Checkout - Data Association Made Easy

Who We Are

Pics Checkout is the brainchild of leading British school photographer, Hayley Lehmann. With 20 years experience of photographing in schools, Hayley had firsthand experience of the laborious task of manually linking school photos to school databases. In 2010 she coordinated a team to create software aimed at drastically speeding up the process and eliminating errors. This became known as The Pics Checkout App

It was envisaged that the process would allow the photographer to use a photographic lab of their choice for processing rather than a specialised school photo lab. This would enable the photographer to retain control over their production in-house, and best of all make a greater profit. Having built a system with every bell and whistle, and having tested it successfully on her schools for a year, Hayley decided to roll it out for use by others. It contains a proofing module together with a full e-commerce section specially written for schools, statistical analysis, production schedules and much more.

Pics Checkout is the perfect solution for photographers working with schools and can also be tailored for universities, hospitals, museums, galleries, inventory, forensics, theme parks, auction houses, catalogue services, car dealerships, ecommerce companies, dog shows and many other industry sectors.

Our office is located in Barnet, North London and our team services customers across the UK, Europe and beyond. If you have any enquiries about Pics Checkout or would like to arrange an appointment to view our technology, please contact us now.

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